UV-250 (15 ltr/min)

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UV-250 water disinfection system (turn key)

The UV-250 can be used as a POU (point of use) sytem under the sink. With its capacity to disinfect 15 litres per minute (one to one and a halve household bucket per minute) this system is very suitable for use in and around the house, boat, camper or caravan (12 V dc configuration available)

This system comes complete with a sediment and active coal filter for optimum clarity of the water before it passes through the UV reactor.

The system kills all bacteria, spores, algae and viruses. Easy to install. Suitable for domestic use, mobile use, and light industrial use. Comes complete with dual pre filter system (sediment and coal). electronics and alarm system that sounds a audible alarm when the UV source generates less then the desired energy level.

Cost of ownership: 1 lamp every year at continued use and depending on the feed water quality twice a year changing of the pre filters.

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UV-250 (15 ltr/min) UV-250 (15 ltr/min)
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SF-000-0021 SF-000-0021
(Fijnheid: 5 micron, Filterbehuizing: Slimline: 10-12 cm ø, Lengte: 10" - ca. 27 cm, Filterstoel: Flatbottom)
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